best malay food in ipoh

Best Malay Food in Ipoh & Local Food to Try in Ipoh

Though Ipoh is better known for its natural landscapes and beauty, when it comes to food it often gets difficult to decide what to choose as there is a hoard of good stuff lying in store for you. Stating the obvious fact, the capital city of the northern state of Perak is a pleasant small town that outshines chiefly in street food and you can find best malay food in Ipoh.

Best Malay Food in Ipoh

In fact anything and everything is so good that it is hard to resist and you’d literally want a bite of everything. The food you will find in Ipoh is as exemplary as Eiffel Tower is to Paris, Taj Mahal is to India, and KLCC is to Kuala Lumpur. There are several street hawkers and local restaurants that provide the best of the best Malay food in Ipoh, and several of them have stood the test of time by being providers of good tempting food for over 40 years. One’s trip to Ipoh can definitely not be complete without having a taste of its succulent chicken and bean sprout, white coffee, satay and of courses, desserts for the sweet tooth. Now that the sound of all this has got your mouth drooling, scroll down for some of the best recognized dishes from respective hawkers and restaurants that are a must try and best malay food in Ipoh.

1. Nga Choy Kai

This traditional Malay dish is a combination of chicken and bean sprouts and is known to be the most iconic food item in Ipoh. There are a few renowned spots for trying the famous Bean Sprout Chicken, such as Lou Wong, Cowan Street, and Onn Kee. The bean sprout chicken at Cowan’s Street is so far the best; with tender bits of chicken and the soup that koay teow is broiled in bursts with flavor. Though the locals prefer to have bean sprout chicken from Cowan Street, Lou Wong is particularly famous amongst the visitors. Sometimes when Cowan Street is not open, locals go to Onn Kee which is also not a bad option.

2. Chee Cheong Fun

Quite distinctly from other cities where the rice noodles are smothered by all kinds of sauces, the Chee Cheong Fun (steamed rice rolls) in Ipoh is pretty different, popular and deceivingly simple. All it includes is a splash of soya sauce, some sesame oil, crunchy fried shallots, thinly cut green chilies and crisped sesame seeds. This simple meal is much enjoyed by locals and tourists both, and has a few variations to it. One popular version is ham fun, in which the rice noodles are filled with stewed meat, stewed jicama and dried shrimp. Canning Garden’s Chee Cheong Fun is relatively popular as it has been serving for more than 40 years. The noodles are silky soft and the blend of condiments and sauces is to perfection. The one at Pasir Pinji is so legendary that sometimes people have to wait 30+ minutes in line because of the high demand of take-away.

3. Sar Kot Liew

This significant variation of Liew, the Sar Kot Liew is rarely found anywhere else besides Ipoh. The coarsely chopped sar kot (yambean, turnip or jicama) is variegated with fish paste and is then covered ib a big sheet of beancurd skin. It is further sliced into even discs and deep fried till it is crisp and golden brown. You can find this tasty dish at Ngan Woh Coffee Shop and Kedai Makanan.

4. Dim Sum

Foh San in Ipoh is the place that locals automatically associate with dim-sums. Really, your trip to Ipoh is bound to be incomplete if you haven’t tried the delicious dim-sums. Foh San is the shop that provides the best dim-sums, but the ones at Ming Court and Yook Fook Moon are no less. The portions here are big and quite affordable. Chow down on the delectable shrimp and pork dumplings, wu kok (yam puff), fish balls and porridge at Ming Court for as less as RM 2.50.

5. Kai See Hor Fun

This awesome dish is a splendid combination of fragrant and sweet tasting shredded chicken and prawn broth. This Ipoh version of the customary kuey tiaw soup comes with a delectable after-taste that will leave you craving for more. And you’d most probably fill yourself up and empty the entire bowl of noodles without even knowing it. Go to Restoran Thean Chun to try this Ipoh delicacy.

6. Satay

There are quite a few places you can step into to try delicious satays. For instance, step into either Thean Chun Coffee Shop or Hong Ken and stroll down the alley to get your hands on a plate of scrumptious satay that will literally make you drool. They serve pork innards, pork satay, and coagulated pork blood satay. The satay is grilled to perfection on charcoal flames and is incredibly juicy. This is a meal you and your family are definitely going to enjoy.

7. Ipoh White Coffee

The white coffee is unmistakably the best thing you will ever come across in Ipoh. The best part about it is that it can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Ipoh is the birthplace of white coffee in Malaysia; therefore you definitely can’t leave without having a steaming hot cup of this thick and creamy coffee. It has a slightly charred scent and irresistibly delicious and incredibly addictive. Nam Heong and Sin Yoong Loong are two popular spots to sip this famed beverage.

8. Hakka mee

This is a rather simple bowl of noodles, a drier version that is topped with generous portions of fried minced pork, a dash of oil and lots of spring onions. Restaurant Paris’s Hakka Mee stall provides a generous serving of Hakka noodles with a huge side of yong taufu. The springy noodles are piled with savoury minced pork meat, fresh bean sprouts and spring onions. A side of fish balls and yong taufu is provided and that’s all it takes to make the meal completely filling. These are but just a handful of local delicacies that we have discussed in this food blog, but be prepared to come across the most delectable range of Malaysian cuisine in Ipoh that’s hard to find elsewhere.

we try to put some useful info about best malay food in Ipoh in this article which will help you on your visit to Ipoh to enjoy this place more and more.

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