best places to visit in ipoh

Best Places to Visit in Ipoh Malaysia on Your Trip

Surely you wouldn’t want to miss an amazing opportunity of exploring the history in old town of Ipoh in Malaysia. With the presence of a wide array of breath-taking street murals and street art, fine dining restaurants and some of the most beautiful caves and temples, Ipoh is quite capable of creating an unforgettable trip’s experience for you. As the capital of the Malaysian state of Perak, has a lots of places to visit in iPoh. Ipoh also ranks as the fourth largest city in Malaysia and there are lots of places to visit in ipoh.

Best places to visit in Ipoh Malaysia

It even serves as an entry to Cameron Highlands. Ipoh was once considered to be one of the most influential cities across the globe as it was the leading tin industry, but now the city is gradually developing to become a famous tourism destination. A lot of popular tourist attractions can be sited in Ipoh. The other famous sites like Pangkor is situated nearby and Cameron Highlands is just a short drive away.

Altogether, Ipoh is a terrific place where tons of fun-filled activities like caving, white water rafting, jungle trekking, and exploring temples can be enjoyed to the fullest.  It’s not only an ideal place for the thrill-seekers, but also an awesome spot for shopaholics as Ipoh is one of the most inexpensive shopping destinations across Malaysia. Below is a featured list of the best places to visit in Ipoh. By visiting these places we can rest assure you that you are bound to have the most amazing trip of your life.

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1. Kek Lok Tong Cave Temple

This cave temple is a really interesting spot for all tourists who visit Ipoh. It rests gracefully on top of a breathtaking site that stretches as far as 12 acres, and boasts a century old history of worshipping. The Kek Lok Tong Cave Temple is situated within an expansive cave with an attention-grabbing limestone structure.  There is an altar at the center with many Buddhist and Chinese pantheon divinities. The Zen Garden here is a must visit place for those seeking some moment of peace and solitude. Followed by this landscape is a nice jogging path in the midst of two beautiful lakes that creates a perfect jogging experience.

2. Lost World of Tambun

The Lost World of Tambun is the ultimate place on the lookout for full-on family fun. It provides a complete thrilling and adventurous experience for both kids and adults. While you are in Ipoh, a visit here is must. The destination is encompassed by a mesmerizing landscape that is full of exciting rides and loads of breathtaking attractions. This theme park is a complete package for the visitors as it consists of an amusement park, tiger valley, water park, Lost World Hot Springs and Lost World Petting Zoo.

3. Han Chin Pet Soo Museum

Known to be one of the most popular tourist sites in Ipoh, the entry to Han Chin Pet Soo Museum is solely for club members and their guests who are advised to make appointments online prior visiting. You will be lucky to visit the museum and witness the exhibits that shed light on the tin mining procedure in the past. It also highlights the unethical activities of the club associates called Four Evils who lured the Hakka miners. The exhibits are also a great way to study about the journey of Hakka people to Ipoh from China.

4. Kellie’s Castle

This castle was built by William Kellie Smith as he wanted a home in Malaysia just like he had one in Scotland. Kellie’s castle sits on top of a hill which once used to be a rubber estate and rests in the midst of lush green forests. The ruins of this expansive castle display a unique charm and are supposed to be haunted. There are plenty of passages, hidden rooms and underground tunnels. Today the castle stands as a famous tourist attraction in Ipoh. The glorious Victorian gardens thorn with astounding roses, exquisite furniture, plaster ceilings from the 17th century, Hew Lorimer sculpture, woodland walks and mural by Phoebe Ana are a few highlights of the amazing Kellie’s Castle that surely mustn’t be missed.

5. Sam Poh Tong Cave Temple

Apart from the many cave temples, there is yet another popular cave temple in Ipoh that’s situated in Gunung Rapa known as Sam Poh Tong Cave Temple. This is a real inspiring piece of art and is believed to be the country’s biggest cave temple till date. It lies amidst the picturesque landscape and comprises of many Buddha figures and deities that are dispersed all around the cave. The entrance to the temple is beautifully adorned with an astounding garden and a pond. The garden is beautified with stone lanterns and pagodas and is indeed a sight to see.

6. Gunung Lang Recreational Park

The park is situated in the middle of a beautiful view of the stunning limestone hills of Gunung Bilike and Gunung Lang. Since it is considered to be one of the most scenic locations in Ipoh, one cannot afford to miss it out. The park covers a huge area of 30.35 hectares, half of which is a lake. It takes a short boat ride to reach the park. Altogether, the Gunung Lang Recreational Park entails beautifully manicured gardens, gazebos, a clock tower that offers a landscape view, a mini zoo, camping sites and play grounds for children.

7. The Gua Tempurang

This is one of the most beautiful attraction spot that lets tourists plunge into the darker and deeper mysteries of the ancient times. The Gua Tempurang cave covers a length of 4.5km and is known to be the longest cave in the entire Malaysian Peninsula. Tourists can find three magnificent chambers as well as grand structures of stalactites and stalagmites. Many other tourist attractions like waterfalls and an underground stream can also be spotted. Gua Tempurang has five huge antique dooms and is truly a stunning display of glorious natural rock creations.

These are just a handful of the amazing sites and places to visit in Ipoh that makes up the small and beautiful city of Ipoh. Ipoh might not be one of the most famous tourist destinations, but it is a terrific retreat for those who want to have some fun and adventure, and of course enjoy the nature.

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