best time to visit ipoh in Perak Malaysia

Best Time to Visit Ipoh in Perak, Malaysia

Ipoh is indeed a terrific city for tourism and travel because of its comprehensive beauty and landscapes. Being the capital city of the state of Perak in Malaysia, Ipoh receives a brilliant climate all-round the year. We will discuss below the best time to visit Ipoh in Malaysia.

Best time to Visit Ipoh

Ipoh mostly has a tropical climate, which is why like most countries with tropical climate it too experiences heavy rainfall throughout the year. Because of its tropical wet climate, Ipoh is an all-year round vacation spot. The temperature in Ipoh assures the locals and tourists to stay comfortable in all the months. On average, the temperature varies somewhere around 20°C to 30°C, and even though it’s mostly raining all the time it certainly won’t stop you from enjoying your activities and sightseeing.

The good news is that you can plan your trip on flexible dates despite of the extreme weather conditions.

Rainfall in Ipoh

The rainfall is quite evenly distributed over the year. There is no dry season as such, but the driest month is July where the average rainfall is just 60mm. October on the other hand is the wettest month, therefore planning a trip during this period should certainly be avoided if you are not fond of too much rain. The rainfall is significantly greater during the period of March-April and October-December, so it is advisable for everyone to carry light-weight raincoats that are travelling during this period.

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Summer in Ipoh

The summer period starts from February and lasts till August. During this period the average temperature is above 25°C, which is adequately pleasant and one of the best times to visit Ipoh. The warmest month of the year is March when temperatures can go as high as 34°C. Other than that, the month of April is also quite warm where the average temperature is almost 29°C.

Autumn in Ipoh

The season of autumn starts from September and lasts till November, This is the period when is gradually starts to get cold, but the average temperature does not drop below 22°C to 23°C, which makes Autumn a good season to visit Ipoh in Malaysia.

Winter in Ipoh

December is when the cold winds start to set in and the average temperature drops below 20°C. The coolest month of the year is January when the temperature drops quite low.

Ipoh is best recognized for its incredibly delectable local dishes and breathtaking limestone caves, its majestic temples and beautiful historic museums. If you are looking forward to plan a vacation to Ipoh, then make sure to at least visit one out of the many limestone caves. A few of these caves can be discovered through foot or by boat, thus it becomes quite easy to get the most out of this adventurous holiday destination. The food in Ipoh is relatively cheap so eating won’t be a problem and you can enjoy the entire trip with utmost satisfaction.

No matter when you plan to visit Ipoh, you can be rest assured that this destination has tons of things to offer to you. In conclusion, we can say that anytime is the best time to visit Ipoh as the climatic conditions are more or less the same, with very little variation through-out the year.

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