how to go to ipoh from kuala lumpur

How to Go to Ipoh from Kuala Lumpur

Located just 180 kilometers to the northwest of Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh is quite an interesting and exciting getaway for all the people visiting Kuala Lumpur. It is the third largest city of Malaysia and capital to the state of Perak. Ipoh is also cornered by Cameron Highlands in the east, Batu Gajah to the west and Simpang Pulai to the south.  Ipoh has a somewhat tropical rainforest climate, and the temperatures are mostly same during the year with very little variations. The average temperature stays at 28 °C, and the city annually experiences high rainfall on an average of 200 mm each month. October is month where the highest rainfall (almost 300 mm) is observed. January is the driest month and a great time for tourists to visit but question is how to go to ipoh from kuala lumpur?

How to Go to Ipoh from Kuala Lumpur

Since Kuala Lumpur is just a short distance away from Ipoh, approximately 2+ hours, it is quite easy to view the attractions of this beautiful city. There are many exciting things to do and see in Ipoh, and apart from the man-made wonders there are some of the most breath-taking limestone caves, lakes and mountains that are a true beauty to see. The city also has a lively food scene with a wide range of restaurants and hawkers serving delectable dishes. Both the Old Town and New Town comprise of some striking sight-seeing opportunities you wouldn’t want to miss. Without further ado, this article will shed light on how to go to Ipoh from Kuala Lumpur.

ETS Train from Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh

Those who wish to travel between the two top cities can choose from various ways of transportation, including bus, flight or even self-driving. However, the ETS Train is yet another option of travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh, and comparatively a rather favorable one. The Electronic Train Service (ETS) offers a vast number of routes to several areas in Malaysia. One of the most frequent routes is the train between Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur, primarily because of the number of places it goes through. There are a few trips that are daily scheduled to go to Ipoh directly. The ETS Train service is not only used by locals, but also preferred by tourists as a few trains are scheduled for sight-seeing spots like Ipoh Railway Station, Kellie’s Castle, Lang Mountain, etc.

Train Classes

There are three different types of train class for the locals and tourists

1) ETS Platinum

• This is a continuous train service between Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur that takes approximately 2 hours. • It includes free Wi-Fi on board and Food as well.• The total cost for this train ride is RM 45.00.

2) ETS Gold

• This is a continuous train service between Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur which also takes about 2 hours to reach• Since there is no food or Wi-Fi, it is cheaper. Total fare is RM 35.00

3) ETS Silver

• This is a train service between Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur, with one stop in between.
• The train ride is expected to take more than 2 hours
• The total cost for the ride is RM 25.00

Tickets for the ETS Train from KL to Ipoh can be booked from the station on the very same day of travelling. However, sometimes seats are not available on the spot so it is advisable to book in advance.

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Bus from Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh

The bus services between Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur are high frequency routes.  There is a bus going between the two cities after almost every 30 minutes or so. Even with the presence of the Electronic Train Service (ETS) offered by KTM, the bus is still preferred by locals because of the comfort and frequency of rides. Tourists who wish to explore the beauty of Ipoh are well-advised to take the bus. The famous cave of Gua Tempurang which is located nearby Ipoh is a must visit. The tourists who are on board can view the mountain terrains from the bus as the bas crosses the mountainous area in North-South Highway. Taking a bus from Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh is quite convenient and easy. Also with the flexible timings, tourists and locals both don’t need to worry in case they miss a ride.

There are bus operators that offer unrivaled bus services between the two top cities. Konsortium, PlusLiner, Transnasional and Economy Express are few brands that provide good quality bus services. The locals often prefer these brands because they are known for their punctuality of arrival and departure and their high timing frequency. All the buses scheduled from Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh are well maintained and determined by expert drivers, ensuring a quick and safe journey for all the people on board. Different bus operators have different fares, but the average bus fare is somewhere around RM 22-30.

Airplane from Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh

There is one airport in Ipoh which goes by the name of Sultan Azlan Shah Airport. It is situated near Gunung Rapat and both international and domestic flights are available.  A number of affordable flights are available from Kuala Lumpur. All the flights depart from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport which is 31 miles away from the main city.

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