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Things to Buy in Ipoh Malaysia on Your Trip

The Old Town Ipoh is a source of creative and innovative entrepreneurial ventures, which makes shopping and souvenir hunting an excellent activity. The city is packed with all kinds of things to do, things to see and things to buy. One trip to Ipoh is enough to make you realize there is more to it than just sightseeing – that is the reason it comes under Lonely Planet’s Top 10 places to visit in Ipoh.  Most of Malaysia especially Penang is quite renowned for being a food destination, but when it comes to Ipoh you will definitely get a fair share of some of the most delectable dishes that are hard to find elsewhere. The food here is outstanding, so it is something you should definitely plan on spending with open hands. This article focuses on all the things to buy in Ipoh, so pack your bags and get ready to embark on a wonderful journey.

Things to Buy in Ipoh

1. Buy a hot cup of lip-smacking white coffee

White coffee is a specialty drink in Ipoh which is a must try by any tourist who ever visits this side of Malaysia. This popular drink comprises of coffee beans being marinated in margarine and then served with sweet condensed milk. There is a possibility that one might have seen the franchises of Old Town White Coffee across the globe, but it can rightly be traced back down to Ipoh.  A cup of white coffee can be best enjoyed while admiring the 3D mural art Ipoh is famous for. The Old Town White Coffee has more than 200 coffee outlets and they serve a wide array of local specialties all over Malaysia. The most famous coffee shop is Nam Heong Old Town Coffee. Every visitor to Ipoh should definitely try Nam Heong’s white coffee once.

2. Buy a meal of Bean Sprout Chicken and chow down on this sumptuous Ipohan favorite

Known to be one of Ipoh’s most tried and tested dishes, bean sprout chicken is a good comfort meal that you can enjoy at any time of the day. Apparently the name Bean Sprout Chicken seems to mislead people that it’s a joint dish, when it reality the bean sprout and chicken are separately cooked and then served together. This mouthwatering dish comprises of smooth and tender chewy steamed chicken and crisp and plump bean sprouts. The meal is often accompanied with sweet kuey teow soup and sometimes rice.  Lou Wang is one place that people mostly refer to when you want to have a bite of this delectable dish.

 Buy a quilt to take back home

A quilt is a one piece item that anyone can easily wrap it up and take back home, and buying a quilt from one of Ipoh’s most famous shops will be a pretty good decision. The quilts at Queena Quilt Shop in Ipoh are so beautiful that they can almost instantly add a creative look and feel to your room. The store provides an extensive variety of imported quilt items like baby blankets, bed covers, bed sets (queen size and king size), floor mats, carpets, cushions, car seat covers and sofa covers too.

Buy souvenir goodies from one of the souvenir shops

If you come to Ipoh and have a good time here then you would definitely want to bottle up a few things to take back home. One such store you’d love to shop from is M Boutique’s gift shop that carries a few ornaments and furnishings you will see within the hotel. There are loads of items like tees, totes, mugs and lots more which are a bit pricey but definitely worth visiting. There is Kristy’s collection located at the back of the Old Block which a treasure trove of jewelry items like rings, necklaces, brooches, etc all sourced from Korea and Taiwan. It’s a must checkout.  And then there is the Kong Heng Square which includes a whole row of shops like Nikhil Roy’s Bits and Bobs, Dexter Song, Ipoh Craft Nerds, Claire’s crafts, and the The Living Store. This is an ideal location for tourists to check out some classic vintage toys, sumptuous sweets and a lot of other general goodies that are too cute to be true.

Buy a ticket for a visit to The Lost World of Tambun

The Lost World of Tambun is an idea getaway and recreational spot for full-on family fun. This all-in-one entertainment spot is situated in Ipoh and is perfect for people of all ages. If you visit Ipoh and do not considering paying a visit to this spot then you are in for a big miss. Buy yourself and your family members a ticket for this family fun destination that comprises of an education park, a petting zoo, several themed rides and natural hot springs for guests to relax. It is the sort of place that you are going to love and enjoy. The place also hosts a steam cave, house spas, pools and a tea bar where you can sit down and relax once you are too tired to do anything else.

This article definitely help you on your visit to ipoh regarding things to buy in Ipoh, do comment below with your feedback.

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